What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

Short Answer – It is the practice of helping a business to get found in the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for the keywords potential customers are searching for.
Example: You have a dry cleaner business and your potential customers will search for you with something like: “drycleaners in Edmond”. If a potential customer doesn’t know your business name, are they really going to search by your business name? The answer is no. Just think about how you search for things in your city to see how your customers think.

Technical Answer – The basics of SEO or Search Engine Optimization includes such disciplines as Keyword research, competitor research, standard search, local search, link building, on page optimization and even crosses over into social media.

What is PPC / Pay Per Click / Google Adwords, etc?

Short Answer – It is a service where you pay a company like Google or Facebook to put ads next to search results and every time a person clicks on your ad you pay a certain amount of money whether they become a customer or not.

I saw an ad that said they could get me 5000 links to my website for only $100. Is this a good investment?

Short Answer – No, because these are mostly going to be of low quality which the search engines don’t like.

Technical Answer – No. Major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo treat one website linking to another as a good thing. Certain websites would employ tactics like this using automated software to generate those links regardless of the quality or relevancy of one site to another. The search engines found out over the years that this was happening and at the same time heard from everyday users that the results they were searching for wasn’t always what was displayed. For instance if you were looking for a Chiropractor in Oklahoma City, that’s exactly what you would expect to see….a list of Chiropractors in the area. Much of the time though there were non-Chiropractor results and spammy websites showing mixed in the results.

The major search engines to this day continue to battle such search spam but have since improved their algorithms to take relevancy and quality into account in a big way. Quality over quantity is what you want here for the long term. Such offers like 5000 links for $100 may work in the short term but you risk being blacklisted by the search engines and no longer show up in searches by potential customers.

I’ve seen a company offering to submit my website to 1000 top search engines for $50. Is this a good idea?
Nope. This was valid in the 1990’s. This will not help your website in any measurable fasion in today’s internet environment.

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